The Life List of

The Life List of

Claire Parker


MY MAIN GOALS (in chronological order)

·         graduate from high school

·         get emancipated

·         go to college on a full ROTC scholarship

·         live in a dorm and have a roommate

·         play soccer in college

·         get a degree in engineering

·         become an engineer in the military

·         get a degree in psychology

·         become a psychologist/social worker at a high school

·         live in an apartment in the city (maybe London?)

·         own a motorcycle or moped to get around (definitely no car)

·         have and raise a child


·         become proficient in both French and German

·         get a cartilage piercing

·         watch all existing episodes of "Lie To Me"

·         own my own laptop

·         buy a nice guitar

·         go snowboarding at Club Med in France

·         keep in touch with best friends from high school

·         stick up for someone who is being bullied