The Life List of

The Life List of

Gabrielle Padro 


“Life” Goals

1)      Have kids

2)      Fall in love, and get married to him

3)      Become a teacher or a lawyer

4)      Own a really big house

5)      Live in a penthouse

6)      Live in the city as an adult for at least a year

7)      Have a huge closet

8)      Learn to do professional makeup

9)      Do makeup for a photo shoot as a side job

10)  Buy a mini teacup Yorkshire terrier, or any teacup dog

11)  Own an exotic pet

12)  Give birth

13)  Get into my #1 college choice

14)  Become fluent in another language

15)  Keep friends from middle school

16)  Keep friends from high school

17)  Try being a vegetarian for a month

18)  Die happy

“Accomplishment” Goals

1)      Be on TV

2)      Win the lottery

3)      Get my name on a plaque

4)      Make a name for myself by the time I die

5)      Be able to say “hello” in 50 languages

6)      Meet a celebrity

“Adventure” Goals

1)      Run a marathon

2)      Play a sport

3)      Sing karaoke in front of a lot of people

4)      Take a plane to whatever is the next flight and plan your vacation spontaneously

5)      Take a belly dance class

6)      Ride in a hot air balloon

7)      Watch the sunrise/ sunset

8)      Ride a mechanical bull

9)      Ride Kingda Ka in 6 flags

10)  Go to the moon

11)  Beat an official world record, and have it documented

12)  Spend a week in every continent in the world

13)  Visit all 50 states of the USA

14)  Learn one magic trick

15)  Audition for American Idol

16)  Spend a weekend in Vegas

17)  Have an amazing 21st, 50th, and 100th birthday (if I live that long)

18)  Party with the cast of Jersey Shore

“Bad” Goals

1)      Sneak out

2)      Get a tattoo

3)      Hang out with a bunch of people you randomly meet

4)      Try weed

5)      Get a piercing other than my ears (belly)

6)      Drink a full can of Four Loko and live to tell the story

“Personal” Goals

1)      Learn to say no to your friends

2)      Always tell someone how you feel

3)      Don’t ever become addicted to something

4)      Find out your “life” purpose