The Life List of

The Life List of

Rachel Oestreicher



·         Make it out of high school alive with good grades and good memories.

·         Go to a college I like and not go bankrupt

·         Marry a man I love

·         Become a mother

·         Become a grandmother

·         Buy a house

·         Own a strange breed dog with a cool name.

·         Host a big family holiday

·         Make a scrapbook of the big events of my life

·         Learn how to ballroom dance

·         Learn how to tap dance

·         Visit England

·         Visit Spain

·         Author a book

·         Make a family tree

·         Read classic works of literature, and then some.

·         Participate in a flashmob.

·         Win a round of “The Challenge”

·         Keep in touch with my best friend

·         Participate in breaking a Guinness World Record.

·         Participate in a flash mob.

·         See a symphony.

·         Surf

·         Ski

·         Learn Macedonian

·         Become fluent in 3 other languages.

·         Have a real conversation in another language.

·         See an Olympic game.

·         Set foot in all 50 States.

·         Visit the Grand Canyon

·         Have a Wikipedia page.

·         Be an extra in a film

·         Play in a band (even if it has a really bad name)

·         Learn how to play piano, for real.

·         Learn how to play various obscure instruments

·         Get into All-State Orchestra.

·         See a DCI Marching Band

·         Start a trend.

·         Learn to regular juggle and contact juggle.

·         Learn  basic parkour