The Life List of

The Life List of

Amanda Nardozzi  


Meet Robert Pattinson

Go ziplining

Go to italy

Go to SNL

Be front row at a Katy Perry concert

Fall in love

Have a fairytale wedding

Be a guest on one of my favorite tv shows

Get a tattoo

Trash a hotel room

Drive a really fast car

Have my 21st bday in Las Vegas

Learn how to rollerblade

Walk the avon walk for breast cancer in the city

Max out a credit card during a shopping spree

Sit behind homeplate at yankee stadium during a yankee vs. boston game

Go on a roadtrip with my best friends

Ride the worlds fastest rollercoaster

Street race with a random person

Have 3 kids

Throw a huge party

Enter in a food competition

Witness a fight in high school

Own a mansion vacation home on a private island

Get into a good college