The Life List of

The Life List of

Gaby Moreno  


1) Create a support group for children, teens, and adults living with a tic disorder.

2) Buy my mom a corgi.

3) Visit South Korea, Guatemala, Japan, Italy, China and Egypt.

4) Learn Korean.

5) Get into a good college.

6) Attempt to have a better relationship with my dad.

7) Attend a SM Town concert.

8) Learn Shinee’s Lucifer dance.

9) Find 10 non-Latinos that can correctly spell my nickname and pronounce my last name.

10) Become more outgoing.

11) Watch an opera.

12) Learn how to use Photoshop.

13) See a giant panda up close.

14) Become a successful psychologist.

15) Win a radio contest.

16) Pet an alpaca.

17) Write a book.

18) Go to the Jersey Shore.

19) Volunteer at Gilda’s Club

20) Get Japanese hair straightening.