The Life List of

The Life List of

Alexandra Misisco



Go to the Maldives

Travel around the world at least once a year

Go to college

Sing to a Bunch of People on a Train

Crash a Private Event (Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc)

Have a gift wrap tube Sword Fight in Target

Buy a fish and put it in someone’s pool

Jump off the rocks into a deep plunge into water

Bring flowers you picked to a stranger

Pretend you’re a cop and arrest somebody

Stay up late and watch the Sunrise

Lay down a twister map somewhere and ask people if they want to play

Free hug day, make shirts

Take Belly Dancing Lessons

Eat Ice Cream out of the Machine

Dress up as Disney Characters and go Ice Skating

Dress up & go to Fast Food Restaurant & sing to try to receive free food

Get married to JT Nangle

Have kids

Go to each state in the US

Visit the White House

Be in a movie or show of some type

Experience the run of the bulls in Spain

Go bungee jumping

Go sky-diving

Own a ranch with ponies and other farm animals

Invent something new and cool and useful

Help people

Be successful

Have a good time