The Life List of

The Life List of

Kareena Martinez


·      Go to Herbert W. Armstrong College and graduate from there

·      Stand near Victoria water falls

·      Hike Canadian Rockies

·      Visit Yosemite National Park

·      Travel to poor countries to help out

·      Win the lottery

·      With the money I won from the lottery, use it to provide an donate to those in need of it

·      Find the right people in the world that I can donate my organs to and inherit my belongings to (“7 pounds” the movie was my inspiration)

·      Go star sighting with my friends and make a wish on a shooting star when we see one (all together)

·      Be present at an Aurora Borealis in Alaska

·      I want one of my art pieces to be displayed in the MOMA or Metropolitan Museum of Art.

·      Jump in and swim in a public fountain

·      Work at Starbucks

·      Work at Barnes n Nobles

·      Win a sushi-eating contest

·      Be an air force aviator for one day

·      Star on Yo Gabba Gabba

·      Star in The Upside Down Show

·      Play with Blue in Blue’s Clues

·      Eat cookies with Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

·      Wear the Blue Power Ranger suit and go in the subway

·      Fight with The Power Rangers (I’m talking about 1994! Not the new fake group)

·      To own and train my very own lion and an elephant

·      Eat two whole pizza pies with different toppings per slice.

·      Adopt an African child

·      I want to experience life in Africa

·      I want to experience life in India

·      I want to experience life in Egypt

·      Complete my language studies in German and become more fluent in the language

·      Learn and study 2 more languages

·      Travel to villages outside the country

·      Experience cultures

·      I want to go bungee jumping

·      Create a new vocabulary word

·      Laugh in the faces of narcistic people when I see them fail

·      Ride on an elephant

·      Want Nick to teach me how to Dougie

·      Meet Kat Dita Von D

·      Meet Justin Beiber, slap him across the face then throw a mud ball in his face

·      Make a wish to grow 5 inches taller. (I despite being 4’11 its not fun at all)

·      Wear army gear for one day

·      Use an M-4 Carbine in my army gear

·      Shoot an M-9 and make a perfect center shot

·      I want to see “The Lion king on Broadway”

·      Meet Vin Diesel

·      Meet Dj Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba

·      Have 8 children (7 boys and name them: Nathaniel, Vincent, Gerard, Jared, Jaden, Jimmy, Darren and 1 girl: Maya)

·      Never divorce

·       Learn how to ride a dirt bike

·      Go to the House of Blues in Chicago

·      Do stand-up comedy

·      Sing a karaoke song with my brother in a bar while we are both drunk (when we are old enough)

·      Go to Chicago

·      Go Paintballing

·      Publish a poem

·      Learn archery

·      Build an igloo and stay overnight in it

·      Recite the whole Forrest Gump movie

·      Recite Titanic

·      Recite Toy Story

·      Recite Jurassic Park

·      Recite the Mexican anthem

·      Get stuck in an elevator with my friends and start singing random songs

·      Own a pet iguana and name it Itza

·      Try every single piece of Godiva chocolate

·       Spend a full day with my mother

·      Stay awake for 3 days

·      Swim deep into the ocean floor

·      To go to work with my dad in his yellow cab for one day

·      I want my dad to pick me up from school with his yellow taxi cab

·      If its ever possible in this life, become a turquoise fairy