The Life List of

The Life List of

Ivan Lovjer


1.  Peace Corps

2.  travel Europe by train

3.  travel the US by motorcycle

4.  Make a significant impact on the world

5.  Get a tattoo

6.  A piercing or two

7.  Learn German

8.  Learn Russian

9.  Be a bartender

10.     Smoke with someone cool

11.     Shrooms (perhaps in a desert)

12.     Acid

13.     Mescaline

14.     Escape society for a significant amount of time

15.     Skydive

16.     Snowboarding in Europe

17.     Own a restaurant/bar

18.     Finish college

19.     Finish grad school

20.     Figure out why I suddenly want to join the Peace Corps

21.     Interviewed by Meet Conan Obrien

22.     Mohawk

23.     Have kids

24.     Have a nice sports car (Tesla Roadster maybe?)

25.     Make more goals