The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael LaDore


1.      Meet the President

2.      Go to College

3.      Travel to a different Country

4.      Have the opportunity to Film with ESPN

5.      Finish all my homework for a change.

6.      Streak down Halstead Avenue

7.      Witness an Armed Robbery

8.      Have more then 3 Jobs

9.      Own my own Business

10.  Own a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche

11.  Cut Class

12.  Find someone who looks exactly like me

13.  Be on TV

14.  Survive a plane crash

15.  Go Skydiving

16.  Win a Bet with Kaplan

17.  Complete this list

18.   Be a DT for the NFL

19.  Run across the country

20.  Drive a monster truck across a jump

21.  Learn to play every instrument

22.  Have Kids

23.  Live in California

24.  Go bullfighting

25.  Punch someone in the face but don’t hurt them

26.  Go Bungee Dumping

27.  Beat Kaplan in arm wresting

28.  Ride a dirt bike

29.   Direct and Produce a movie

30.  Life a happy life