The Life List of

The Life List of

John Hubbard  


1.   Break 200mph in a car

2.   Break 150mph on a motorcycle

3.   Win 1st place in a motocross race

4.   Own a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

5.   Spend a day with Travis Pastrana

6.   Have my own T.V. show

7.   Make 1,000,000 dollars

8.   Spend a day with Rob Dyrdek

9.   Have a son

10. Teach my son to ride motocross

11. Own a clothing/shoe brand

12. Own a mk1 GTI fully customized

13. Have my own motocross track in my backyard

14. Go to a tropical island

15. Not die of cancer

16. Live in California

17. Be a redbull stuntman on New Years Eve

18. Own a pet tiger

19. Stay in shape my whole life

20. Get into the Guinness Book of World Records

21. If I get arrested, make sure it is for something cool

22. Be involved in law enforcement (not my whole life)

23. Go to Mall of America

24. Learn how to do a back flip on a dirtbike

25. Learn how to skateboard

26. Own a private lake

27. Blow something up

28. Be a hobo for a day

29. Make a movie

30. Overcome my fear of spiders

31. Win the lottery

32. Swim in a tub of ice cream

33. Be famous on

34. Have at least 100 pairs of shoes

35. Own multiple houses

36. Meet the cast of the buried life

37. Complete this life list =)