The Life List of

The Life List of

Alice Heine


1. Go ski diving 

2. Live in Australia, Alaska, and Hawaii 

3. Take a road trip and drive on Route 66

4. Riot or protest for something I really believe in

5. Be in a movie (even if I’m just an extra)

6. Go spray tanning

7. Run a 5K

8. Make a snowman that is at least 10 feet tall

9. Hike the entire Appalachian trail

10. Smoke crack

11. Dye my hair blonde

12. Join the Army Reserve

13. Write a song for someone

14. Write a speech

15. Save someones life

16. Have a song written about me

17. Get married

18. Learn to play the piano well

19. Build a tree house

20. Be trained EMT

21. Make mescaline

22. Go heliskiing

23. Work as a Disney Princess in Disney World (preferably being Ariel)

24. Never get fat

25. Take a lot of risks

26. Make out with James Franco, Olivia Wilde, and Conor Oberst

27. See the Northern Lights