The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Goldman 


·         Take a vacation to Hawaii

·         Bench press more than my brother

·         Meet all the New York Knicks players

·         Go to China and see Stephon Marbury play basketball

·         Own a Bentley when I am an adult

·         Dunk in a basketball game

·         Learn how to play the drums

·          Do none of my homework for one night

·         Go to at least 5 European countries

·         Make a half court shot during halftime at an NBA game

·         Become number one in the world at Madden 11

·         Make a song with Drake

·         Do the Blazing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings

·         Go to Las Vegas and forget everything that happened

·         Drive on the Autobahn

·         Ski a double black diamond

·         Sky dive

·         Be on Sports Centers Top 10 Plays

·         Go on the school loud speaker and say HELLO

·         Meet the most interesting man in the world

·         Have Kaplan say HELLO in my voice

·         Go to temple with Amare Stoudemire