The Life List of

The Life List of

Olimpia Goldberg     



To not just have a normal day everyday

To be successful

 To Have something worth living for

To be in a flash mob

To be on the news

To save a life

Keep in touch with old friends after high school

To sky dive or bunji jump at least once

To go to at least five other countries

To do the unimaginable

To be in a room full of either bubbles or balloons

To go scuba diving in Australia

Adopt a child from another country

Run around in a giant hamster ball

To bake the biggest pizza in the world

Set a world record

Be apart of an art exhibit

Write a book about absolutely nothing and make it become a bigger hit then Justin beibers auto biography

Get a tattoo

Run onto a professional football field during a game

Invent something that is useless but become a billionaire off of it like the guy who made the snuggie