The Life List of

The Life List of

Taylor Gillespie


–   Get a 150 in bowling.

–   Get a turkey in bowling.

–   Go to California.

–   Go to Ireland.

–   Go visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

–   Get into a good College.

–   Spend a summer in a foreign country.

–   Meet a couple of famous people.

–   Be an extra on the show Grey’s Anatomy.

–    Be a back up dancer of someone famous on stage in front of everyone.

–   Get married!

–   Get a range rover when I’m older.

–   Get a really Audi or BMW as my first car.

–   Have 5 kids.

–   Live in a mansion.

–   Learn to play the piano.

–   Get a role in the school play.

–   Dance on Broadway.

–   Be in a sorority.

–   Meet the Kardashian’s and become family friends with them.

–   Own several beach houses: Hawaii, Colorado, Hampton’s, Outer Banks, Sea Island Georgia.

–   Have a husband that I grow old and die with.

–   Own a boat.

–   Marry Matt Rowan.

–   Stay friends with everyone I’m friends with forever.

–   Have my own clothing line.

–   Have my own perfume.

–   Stay close with my cousin Patricia.

–   Go to a Giants and/or Jets football game.

–   Be successful in life.

–   Time travel.

–   Hire someone to message me and tickle my back till I fall asleep every night.

–   Go on a huge shopping spree at all of my favorite stores with no limit.

–   Learn to bake amazing desserts.

–   Win the lottery.