The Life List of

The Life List of

Kevin Fusco       



     Play college hockey

     Graduate college

     Own a Nissan GT-R

     Scuba dive and find treasure

     Go Skydiving

     Walk on the moon

     Hang glide

     Glow in the dark

     Destroy a building with a wrecking ball

     Sleep for a week straight

     Live in an igloo

     Be able to run up a wall and do a back flip

     Play hockey on a pond in Alaska

     Surf in Hawaii

     Have a dream that I can control what happens

     Travel in time to 1929, 1965, and 1977. Spend a year in each and return to the present

     Remove all the water from the Hudson River and see what’s there

     Own a pet koala

     Eat at the best restaurants in the world

     Travel faster than the speed of sound