The Life List of

The Life List of

Laura Elvira



·       Travel the world, go to every country

·       Go skydiving

·       Fly an airplane

·       Be at zero gravity

·       Eat an entire pizza pie

·       Win a huge teddy bear at an amusement park

·       Get stuck in an elevator with my mom, she would freak out and I would be laughing the entire time

·       Do the thing where you’re in a box in the ocean with really dangerous sharks around you.

·       See the pyramids of Giza in Egypt

·       Run a mile naked in the cold

·       Meet the guy who invented Facebook

·       Castrate a rapist

·       Curse out, beat up and send a hunter to jail

·       Be face to face with a giant panda while working at a zoo in China

·       Have 5 kids

·       Go bull riding at a rodeo

·       Become really good at yoga

·       Interview a Wal-Mart greeter as if I want to put him in a paper for his life accomplishments. Send the write-up to my local paper because you know it will end up way interesting. Everyone has a story

·       Hijack a local radio station and tell the audience that you are kidnapping the DJ until you gives he the concert tickets

·       Become a black belt in karate

·       Go to Las Vegas with my closest friends and hope that what happened in the movie “The Hangover” Happens to one of us or all of us

·       Steal a car

·       Be in a Colgate commercial

·       Learn sign language