The Life List of

The Life List of

Charlie Drago



·         Make First Team all Section in football as a wide receiver

·         Be the first Harrison wide receiver with over a 1,000 career receiving yards.

·         Graduate High School

·         Graduate college with a business major and architecture minor

·         Start my own Real Estate development-management business.

·         Build a affordable community replacing project housing in NY and Fl.

·         Build my dream home.

·         Marry the girl of my dreams or a Victorias Secret Model

·         Get married in Corpus Christi Church in Port Chester

·         Have my wedding party on the beach

·         Have four healthy kids

·         Teach my kids how to play sports

·         Play golf with my kids

·         Coach my son in football

·         Coach a sports team with my brother

·         Never be one of those crazy dads who lives through their kid

·         Own a Penthouse condo on the water in Miami

·         Own a house on Jupiter Island

·         Own a home in Dubai

·         Own a townhouse in SoHo next to FlightClub NY

·         Own a Farm in Italy

·         Own a Restaurant with my brother name it after my parents.

·         Own a Bugati Grand Sport

·         Travel on my own private plane

·         Own 100+ Pairs of sneakers

·         Build and own a resort-casino in the Caribbean

·         Play golf at Augusta National

·         Beat my dad in golf

·         Go to Miami vs.Florida State

·         Go to the Rose Bowl

·         Sit Courtside at The Garden with Spike Lee

·         Sit Courtside at the Staples Center With Jack Nicholson

·         Go to the Winter Classis

·         Hang out with Kanye West for a day

·         Be esquires best dressed man of the year

·         Have Nike make a pair of “Charlie Drago” exclusive air force ones

·         Have Fukijama make me a pair of Air Max 1s

·         Have a dance battle vs. Chris Brown

·         Have better hair then Clay Matthews

·         Work out in the outdoor gym in Venice Beach

·         Play the Drums alongside Travis Barker

·         Retire before 60

·         Be able to run a mile after 65

·         Stay best friends with my Brother

·         Speak all three romance languages

·         Accomplish all 45.