The Life List of

The Life List of

Chris D’Antona         


Invent something useful

Eat real Belgium waffles

Run an Ultra marathon

Run sub-2:30 at the NYC Marathon

Score a 5 on at least one AP

Learn how to do a back flip

Become a professional in something

Hold 10 school records (already have 5)

Score an 100% on a standardized test

Learn how to ride a bike

Learn how to swim

Compete in an ironman

Score higher than a 1900 on my SATs

Attend a college that I can be proud of

Never get a tattoo or body piercing

Compete in the state meet for XC, indoor and outdoor track

Win a section title as a team

Run for a division 1 school

Save someone’s life

Compete at the NCAA championships

Get married to someone who’s reasonably athletic

Love my spouse and never divorce

Have a dozen children

Have each and every one of my children outlive me

Own multiple pets

Visit every continent

Make national headlines

Learn a different language

Travel time

Run in Kenya

Play golf with Tiger Woods

Go to a Yankees – Red Sox game

Be on The Price is Right and win

Win big in Vegas

Win the lottery

Become so rich that I appear in Forbes

Donate my money

Cure depression

Be respected by all

Eliminate my own prejudice

Retire at a relatively young age

Live a long, happy and healthy life

Become self actualized