The Life List of

The Life List of

Mitch Coffin  



1.       See Paul McCartney and Billy Joel in person

2.       Own a sitar and learn how to play it

3.       Travel to India, England, and Japan

4.       Visit the Taj Mahal while in India

5.       Be in Times Square for New Year’s Eve

6.       Spend at least one night in Las Vegas

7.       Watch the sun rise

8.       Take multiple days to see everything I want to see in Washington D.C.

9.       Fire a pistol, rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and assault rifle (not at anyone)

10.   Pull the pin from a grenade and throw the grenade (again, not at anyone)

11.   Earn some degree from some college

12.   Get married to someone I can put up with and can put up with me

13.   Have children (my own, adopted, or a combination of the two)

14.   Own a house

15.   Own a car

16.   Paint a room orange

17.   Have a fun time on a cruise ship

18.   Watch the entire HBO mini-series Band of Brothers

19.   Be able to name every US president in order off of the top of my head

20.   Help someone who doesn’t speak English by speaking to them in their native language

21.   Be fluent in two or more languages

22.   Touch an elephant

23.   Own an all-white suit

24.   Have an impressive collection of ties (30 or more)

25.   Spend a month or more creating a work of art

26.   Decide on a tattoo I like and get it

27.   Learn how to tie a bow tie

28.   Cook something for someone that they eat and honestly enjoy

29.   Sleep outside for a night

30.   Have a life-changing positive impact on someone