The Life List of

The Life List of

Allie Cirrincione



1.      Become a cardio Surgeon

2.      Be able to embrace heights, not fear them

3.      Make sure I don’t take anyone for granted

4.      To love and be loved by those I care about

5.      Make my own family…either have two kids or twelve

6.      Travel…Italy, France, Greece, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Japan, China, Bahamas, Aruba, Denmark, Egypt, Australia, Dubai, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, Costa Rico, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Czechoslovakia, Galapagos Island, Cuba, US- NY, PA, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NJ, MD, VA, OH, IL, NC, LA, CA, NV, WA, AK, HI

7.      To not judge a book by it’s cover

8.      To have more patience

9.      Live my life with integrity

10.  To fit into a pair of jeans that I used to wear

11.  Lose a hundred pounds

12.  Get a house in the suburbs in a quiet town and directly next to a city, like West Harrison and white Plains

13.  Meet interesting, new people

14.  Read more books

15.  Try to get to the beach more often

16.  Learn how to balance work with relaxing/ pleasure

17.  Be more selfless

18.  Go to a club and dance without fear of embarrassment, bust it out on the dance floor

19.  Sing a song in front of people without fear

20.  Stand up for myself

21.  Have little to no regrets in life

22.  Push myself out of my comfort zone and be more comfortable in my own skin

23.  Always have fun

24.  Love what I do

25.  Get married on a beach in Italy/ vineyard in Italy

26.  Try new things, experiences

27.  Study in Italy for a year

28.  Enrich myself with knowledge

29.  Learn many languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Japanese, Egyptian, German, Mandarin, Gaelic, Portuguese

30.  Be Happy