The Life List of

The Life List of

Emily Chestler


·         Have a yacht of my own

·         Overcome my fear of cats

·         Be the boss at a top public relations firm for celebrities in my early twenties

·         Get into the college of my choice

·         Maintain a close relationship with my family and always care for them

·         End up on Forbes List

·         Run a charity research program for Leukemia

·         Have multiple dogs- a golden retriever, Bernice mountain dog, saint Bernard, bulldog, new foundland

·         Go skydiving

·         Go to the Maldives

·         Attend Mardi Gras

·         Be listed as a magazines “ 50 Most Influential People”

·         Own a private jet

·         Become a workout fanatic

·         Get Married to a man I love

·         Have happy and healthy children

·         Cartwheel everywhere I go for a full day

·         Be invited to all top Hollywood events and parties

·         Continue to volunteer with charities

·         Be president of a sorority

·         Go streaking

·         Make a friend every new place I go

·         Drive a white Range Rover

·         Sit in the best seats at any concert/game of my choice

·         Try every type of food there is and win a food eating contest

·         Always have a smile on my face

·         Travel the world

·         Inspire someone

·         Be liked by everyone I know

·         Sleep outside for the night

·         Run a 5 star hotel business

·         Go to the super bowl

·         Be a dealer for the night at a top of the line Vegas casino

·         Stay friends with all of my high school best friends

·         Go on a Road trip

·         Swim in all seven Oceans of the world

·         Save someone’s life

·         Crash a private event

·         Run a marathon

·         Live Life to its fullest