The Life List of

The Life List of

Matt Carducci



1.      Academics:

1.       Achieve an average above a ninety every quarter left during my high school career

2.       Score a 5 on the AP Psychology exam

3.       Score a 5 on the Physics B and C exams

4.       Score a 5 on the AP Calculus Exam

5.       Become and academic All American

6.       Become a member of the National Honor Society

7.       Receive some type of academic scholarship to a University

8.       Score a 30 or better on my ACT

9.       Get a degree in physics

10.   Become some type of engineer


1.       Qualify for states in both the 100 yd butterfly and the 100 yd backstroke

2.       Become and All American Swimmer

3.       Break 50.00 seconds in the 100 yd butterfly

4.       Get an Athletic Scholarship to a Division 1 school

5.       Train with and Olympic swimmer (Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, or Aaron Piersol)

6.       Get my junior national cuts

7.       Qualify for Olympic trials

8.       Make the Varsity baseball team

9.       Start on the Varsity baseball team

10.   Bowl a 300

11.   Get a turkey in Bowling


1.       Meet the President

2.       Go Bungee Jumping

3.       Go Sky Diving

4.       Drink a casual beer with Mr. Kaplan

5.       Spend a day with Chetan Hertzig

6.       Spend a Day with Megan Fox

7.       Learn to Snowboard

8.       Drive a race car

9.       Learn to drive stick shift

10.   Be an extra in a movie

11.   Marry a woman that knows how to make a good meal

12.   Beat Heath Kaplan in an Arm wrestling match

13.   Win Lotto

14.   Grow a full beard

15.   Run a Marathon after the age 35

16.   Play catch with Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Ryan Braun

17.   Become Fluent in Italian

18.   Take Drum Lessons

19.   Learn Chinese

20.   Climb a Mountain

21.   Fire a Pistol

22.   Break a Guinness World Record

23.   Go to Disney World

24.   Have a Child

25.   Own a house

26.   Own a pool

27.   Own an Escalade

28.   Attend the Super Bowl

29.   Win Rock Wars

30.   Become Self Actualized