The Life List of

The Life List of

Shawn Caparelli


1. graduate high school

2. get into the same college as Liv

3. date someone famous

4. become "America’s Next Top Model"

5. learn to surf

6. join a sorority

7. be an actress in a movie

8. meet the Jersey Shore cast

9. meet the Kardashians

10. beat my sister in swimming

11. find out what i will look like as a brunette

12. get married to an identical twin

13. get my sister to marry the other twin

14. have kids at the same time as my sister so they can be best friends and go to school together

15. watch the Jets win the superbowl

16. stay best friends with my sister forever

17. save a life

18. stay friends with the people i love from high school

19. get into a fight

20. run for president

21. be a young grandmother

22. live in the city

22. sing with Britany Spears

23. live to be 100