The Life List of

The Life List of

Faryn Brown



2)  Meet the cast of Gossip Girl

3)  Be on the show Gossip Girl

4)  Travel to Europe

                          I.      Spain

                        II.     Italy

                       III.     Czech Republic

                      IV.     Denmark

                       V.     Germany

                      VI.     Greece

                    VII.     Russia

                   VIII.     Switzerland

                      IX.     Turkey

5)  Study abroad for a semester

6)  Go to Thailand

7)  Go to New Zeeland

8)  Have an English accent

9)  Learn to speak French

10)                 Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower

11)                 Have an apartment in NYC

12)                 Travel to all 50 states

13)                 Sleep in my car for a night

14)                 Get an Audi S5

15)                 Get accepted into college

16)                 Get married

17)                 Have three children

18)                 Be in a sorority

19)                 Build a school in Africa

20)                 Be on TV or in a movie

21)                 Marry a professional sport player

22)                  Kiss in the rain

23)                  Hug the people who hold the “ free hugs” sign

24)                  Swim in the Dead Sea be able to get my whole body under!

25)                 Own a pair of Christian Louboutins

       26)                  My family and I have a happy, healthy and long life!