The Life List of

The Life List of

Rachel Breslin



–       Go backpacking through Europe

–       Study abroad in Australia

–       Own a second house in Australia

–       Visit Malta

–       Visit New Zealand

–       Spend New Years Eve in Times Square

–       Attend the 2012 summer Olympics in London

–       Visit all 50 states


–       Find a career that makes me happy and also lets me work with animals

–       Volunteer at the ASPCA

–       Work at a zoo for a summer

–       Own my own no-kill shelter


–       Pass the AP for Language and Composition

–       Get at least a 1900 on the SAT’s

–       Fin my dream college

–       Get into dream college

–       Get into Salisbury University (it’s my safety school)

–       Learn as much history as possible


–       Have a son and name him Cooper

–       Go to a foam party

–       Complete a triathalon

–       Become fluent in multiple languages

–       Regularly go to pilates, spin, and yoga classes

–       Meet Lady GaGa

–       See Maroon 5 live

–       Learn how to do a split

–       Learn how to do a backbend

–       Go zip-lining

–       Stay close to my family, no matter how old I am

–       Be part of a flash mob