The Life List of

The Life List of

Cherry Aunng


–         Find the meaning of life

–     Enjoy legalized marijuana 

–     Be involved in a crazy OJ Simpson status police chase and get away with it

–        Help someone accomplish their dreams

–        Be a backup guitarist for a famous or semi-famous band

–        Travel the world, and I mean each and every country 

–        Party with at least 2 of the jersey shore cast 

–        Walk away from an explosion 

–        Be a friend to someone lonely

–    Save a life 

–        Kiss in the rain 

–        Solve a mystery

–        Have a national day in my honor or something in my name

–    Go to College and graduate 

–        Adopt a child

–        Sky dive

–        Be in a NASCAR race

–        Start a charity 

–        Throw a huge party, including midgets

–    Raft in a river of chocolate

–        Spend a summer abroad in the South of France

–        Be on Jerry Springer (maybe as an audience member will do)

–        Couch surf

–        See the Northern Lights

–        Find Waldo

–        Swim with Sharks

–        Go Cow tipping

–        Hug James Franco

–        Try Absinthe

–        Meet someone influential that has changed our world

–        Beat a high score

–        Be honest and say what I need to say

–        Be in a movie

–        Crazy Euro-trip

–        Become a tourist attraction like the naked cowboy

–        Float into the sky holding balloons

–        Convince people on a plane that there are snakes on the plane

–        Make someone change their name to Cherry

–        Go on a cruise

–        Smoke an L with Damien or Ziggy Marley

–        Join the peace corps

–        Go to a rave on e

–        Find that dollar I put on the wall of Hubbas

–        Run up to a stranger and say you’re it

–        Spend an entire day in a fancy dress

–        Press all the buttons in a 100 story elevator

–    Be happy