The Life List of

The Life List of

Ariana Young



1.  Learn to

– Sail a boat

– Scuba dive

– Unicycle

– Speak many languages

– Play every instrument

– Ride a horse/camel

– Spin wool

– Wood widdle

– All about stars

– To draw well


Become an herbalist

Get into a decent college

Live in a tree house

Live in veggie van with plugs

Hang out in self sufficient camps

Go to rainbow gatherings

Live on a farm with some friends

Be in the circus

Own a sailboat

Travel world

Have many animals and plants


Paint buildings and vehicles

Meet jungle children in the rainforest

Make and sell things from a wagon

Learn from a yogi in an ashram

Be in an underwater children’s show

Live in the city

Ride in a hot air balloon

Be an art star

Own vegetarian restaurant

Help the poor unfortunate and make people happy