The Life List of

The Life List of

Max Winkelman



·         Have a pizza with everything on it

·         Paint a self portrait (or have one painted of me)

·         Swim with a dolphin

·         Skydive

·         Perfect the Spanish language

·         Go skinny-dipping in south France

·         Look death in the face and laugh

·         Watch a space shuttle launch

·         Be an extra in a major film

·         Own an apartment or house with an amazing view

·         Discover something amazing in my professional field

·         Brew my own beer

·         Travel to the moon and/or space

·         Plant a tree

·         Ride an elephant

·         Wrestle an alligator

·         Be the boss for once

·         Find my lover

·         Stay out all night partying and then go to work the next day without sleep

·         Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

·         Shower in a waterfall

·         See Haley’s Comet

·         Win a food challenge

·         Experience weightlessness

·         Travel all over the world (not so much Asia…)

·         Drive across America

·         Read the greatest books of all time

·         See the greatest movies of all time

·         Graduate College and get a Master’s Degree or a PHD

·         Learn to juggle

·         Learn to whistle

·         Have a job that I love

·         Spend Christmas in a tropical environment

·         Visit every continent

·         Get my body in GREAT shape

·         Scuba dive

·         Go up in a hot-air balloon

·         Survive taxes

·         Spend an entire night in Vegas

·         Give to a charity

·         Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty

·         Get a five on an AP

·         Go heli-skiing

·         Learn to surf

·         Cross a glacier on foot

·         Hunt with a gun and a bow and arrow

·         Eat ostrich 

·         Eat many deep fried foods (Oreos, snickers bars, etc.)

·         Crowd surf

·         Parasail

·         Learn how to fly a plane

·         Learn how to fix a computer

·         Own my own island

·         Train a falcon to deliver messages for me

·         Have an attack dog that will attack on my command

·         Have a star named after me

·         Have a 6 month period in my life where I am completely stress free

·         Fire an automatic weapon

·         Make a life list