The Life List of

The Life List of

Melissa Urgo




  • Go to grad school

  • Get a Ph.D if I want to

  • Make a ton of money

  • Get into NYU for Grad School

  • Graduate Summa cum Laude at college / grad school

  • Perform on a Broadway Stage

  • Direct a show on broadway /off broadway

  • Become known within my career branch

  • Be a lead in my high school musical (or i will do bad things)

  • Direct my play in the spring nad get rave reviews

  • Co-Direct / Act in The Heiress – check, done.


  • Get married to my ideal guy

  • have 3 kids

  • raise my kids to be exactly liek me and then change them so they aren’t absolute lunatics

  • have enough money to buy a house, not a huge mansion but one large enough for my family to live comfortably

  • Travel, see the world (Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Russia, Japan, ect.)

  • make a ton of money in my career easily, without much effort. or with much effort, whatever. i just want money.

  • make a charity!

  • make personal charities when i have enough money to (pay for friends college tuitions, ect ect)

  • have a big and clsoe family liek mine

  • have close friends i absolutely love and can count on, and have them feel the same way about me.

  • keep in contact with my select high school friends at least through college.

  • support my parents to say thanks for dealing with my crazy antics, buy my mom & dad a house.

  • have my perfect dream wedding. thsi has to be EXACTLY AS I WANT IT or else i will be a legit bridezilla, it’s scary.


  • Have a wikipedia article about me

  • Have a pretty sweet, solid  reputation

  • Help the homeless with midnight runs

  • have a charity for kittens and own two cats, maybe a dog.

  • be a yoga trainer!!!

  • be a bartender!!!!