The Life List of

The Life List of

Ida Tsutsumi




·       Visit at least 50 different countries in the world.

·       Run a marathon

·       Be in a concert and sing live for an audience

·       Have a nice apartment in New York City

·       Have a successful job and make a name for myself

·       Go to an excellent college/ Get a degree from an Ivy League

·       Get married and have at least three kids

·       Take a long road trip to various cities

·       Learn how to speak at least six languages

·       Go camping and sleep under the stars

·       Stay awake an entire day and watch the sunrise and sunset

·       Learn how to surf

·       Go to at least 100 concerts of famous singers and bands

·       Write a column for a fashion magazine or work as an editor

·       Host Saturday Night Live

·       Be in a movie or a commercial

·       Learn how to snowboard

·       Learn how to salsa dance

·       Learn to belly dance

·       Welcome the New Year in Times Square

·       Drive a Lamborghini

·       Live to be at least 103

·       Save someone’s life

·       Help children in need

·       Spend an entire day in bed

·       Learn to drive stick-shift

·       Go for a jog in the rain

·       Dance to music for an entire night

·       Learn how to play the drums well

·       Travel in an air balloon

·       Win the lottery

·       Backpack across Europe

·       Accomplish something that will make me be remembered.

·       Keep adding on to my life list as I go and accomplishing these goals