The Life List of

The Life List of

AT Tauthong




Become literate in Thai

Save a life without CPR

Be at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting

Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and win at least $15,000

Find a cure for keratosis pilaris

Go to college and graduate

Be happy and healthy all through life

Keep and make friendships

Remember things better

Find a job that I’m great at and that I love

Never drink alcohol or smoke.

Stay true to myself

Become a better public speaker


How to dance the tango

Spanish fluently

How to drive

Mixed martial arts

A language by living in the country

How to massage professionally


Maracaibo, Venezuela

Washington D.C.

An acoustic Boys Like Girls concert



Someone who looks exactly like me or really close

Someone who is exactly like me (personality, same likes and dislikes, etc.)