The Life List of

The Life List of

Christina Riccobono



Graduate high school

Get into a good college

Graduate college and become a teacher

Get a good grade on the AP Psych exam

Go to the final round at nationals in Florida

Get a round off back handspring back tuck

Cheer in college

Get married

Have 3 kids

Go to Hawaii

Go to the Bahamas

Swim with dolphins

Travel to all 50 states

Get engaged in Disney world in front of Cinderella’s castle

Go to the Grand Canyon

Go to Hollywood and shop on Rodeo Drive

Meet Lauren Conrad from the Hills

Learn how to ski

Walk on the equator

Travel to a bioluminescent bay in Porto Rico

Go to Las Vegas when I’m 21

Break a world record

Travel to Italy

Swim in the Dead Sea  

Live in an apartment in NYC

Get over my fear of airplanes

Climb a mountain 

Live to see my grandchildren

Live a happy and healthy life!!