The Life List of

The Life List of

Stephen Ricciardi



·         Be in a commercial with a Morgan Freeman voice-over

·         Visit the Gravestone of Freddy Mercury, John Lennon and Biggie

·         Tip a sleeping cow

·         Be a YouTube Star

·         Walk into a footlocker store and shoot a basketball into that huge hoop

·         Eliminate all techno music

·         Yodel on top of a mountain

·         Fake my death

·         Fart in an elevator with a lot of people and blame it on the girl/guy next to me

·         Play hide and seek in Wal-Mart

·         Sing Bohemian Rhapsody with a bunch of my friends in the middle of a mall

·         Go to the library and loudly ask where the erotica section is and how many books you can check out at once. Ask if they have read one of these books and if they can tell you about some of the "good parts"

·         Fall asleep in the middle of the mall

·         Go into CVS and buy a box of tampons and say I’ve been having a heavy flow and if this was the right brand

·         Win all-state for football

·         Win all state for baseball

·         Win a state championship for football

·         Play D-1 College Football

·         Go into the NFL draft

·         Go streaking on National Television

·         Meet the whole Seinfeld Cast

·         Play Beer Pong with Asher Roth and see if he’s actually good

·         Witness a NYM world series victory

·         Go to a Wale concert

·         Play the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

·         Sing with Elton John

·         Meet the Real Lassie

·         Survive a Nuclear War

·         Tackle a random person when there not looking

·       Kick the home alone kid in the nuts and see if he makes that face