The Life List of

The Life List of

Chris Repecki


Swim across an ocean

Live in Africa for a year

Run an ultra-marathon

Train for an iron-man

Sleep in a pig pen

Appear on a talk show

Earn a million dollars

Fly a plane

Run the NYC Marathon every year until I die

Learn how to walk on stilts

Find a way to visit every planet in outer space

Eat a living animal

Enter and win a hotdog eating contest

Make the Guinness Book of World Records for something stupid

Visit Fuji

Climb to the top of Mt. Everest with only one arm

Buy a water bottle from every country in the world

Swim in all of the Great Lakes

Go ice swimming during the winter—naked

Build a house in a third world country

Run the Badwater ultra marathon barefoot without getting a single blister

Eat a living fish

Discover a way to breathe under water

Get a monkey as a pet

Ride a motorcycle

Live to be over 100

Go cliff diving

Find a cure for cancer

Go deep sea diving

Fight a wild pig

Climb mt. Olympus

Test drive a Ferrari

Live to see the Jets win the super bowl

Live to see the Yankees win their 50th World Series

Go skydiving

Spend the night in a graveyard

Float along the Nile wearing floaties

Eat every kind of cheese at once

Grow a beard for a full year

Sleep in the woods

Run up the Vatican steps

Ring the liberty bell

Feed a starving country

Go down a waterfall in a barrel

Go sledding with no shirt on

Get out of something I don’t want to do by pretending not to speak English

Stand on the equator

Ride in a hot air balloon

Sleep in a tree

Successfully complete everything on this list