The Life List of

The Life List of

Melina Parrello


  • Get married, to a honest boy who loves me for me

  • Have two kids (if it is a girl named October Grace, if it is a boy named Killian)

  • Become a famous author

  • Write for some sort of news paper – do journalism

  • Learn to play drums

  • Take dancing classes – to be like the dancers on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

  • Collect every single Tinkerbell item made (I already have most)

  • Get my back pierced – body modification – form of corset piercing

  • Dye my hair fire engine red

  • Win the lotto

  • Go bungee jumping

  • Go sky diving

  • Be a role model to someone in the world

  • I want to change just one life

  • Live in a white house with purple shudders, a spiral staircase and have a library in my house

  • Have four + dogs (rescue them)

  • Be in two places at once

  • Get a tattoo sleeve

  • Intern at a school news paper/local news paper

  •  Travel to Ireland

  •  Travel to New Zealand

  •  Go to a good school and get a good job involving English and writing

  •  Meet Justin Timberlake

  • Make a cake like famous cake decorators do (like on the food network challenges)