The Life List of

The Life List of

Andrea Moschetta   




·       pass my road test

·       get to county center for basketball before I graduate

·       graduate high school

·       get my dad & stepdad to quit smoking

·       get into a good college & play d3 basketball there

·       graduate college

·       go on a road trip with my best friends

·       have a penguin as a pet

·       attend a Maury show with my grandma

·       get married

·       have either 2 or 4 kids

·       live to 100

·       win the lotto

·       visit Italy & meet all my relatives that live there

·       climb to the top of the leaning tower of Pisa

·       visit Greece

·       go sky diving

·       ride in a hot air balloon

·       see a shooting star

·       get a tattoo

·       learn to fly a plane

·       raise a lot of money towards a charity & be recognized for it

·       break a record

·       learn to drive stick

·       be on the real world or some kind of reality tv show

·       die my hair jetblack

·       go to the equator

·       live in NYC

·       go white water rafting

·       invent an ice cream flavor

·       donate blood

·       swim in the dead sea

·       have a summer house in Cape May

·       get a boaters license

·       have a successful life