The Life List of

The Life List of

Kayana Jean-Philippe



Take a road trip to Dallas, Texas with friends and watch a Dallas Cowboys game

 pet a penguin

 go to Tokyo, Japan

 go to Haiti

 be able to play the bagpipes

 be Pocahontas

 anchor the news

 go to a decent college

 graduate a decent college with a degree

 learn how to skateboard 

 visit the Eiffel Tower

 go to Africa, provide help for the needy and play with the children there

 never have to drive

 be on Broadway

 visit Alaska and Hawaii

 learn how to speak Swahili, then go to Africa and use my knowledge 

 master a Jamaican accent

 have more cousins

 have a baby brother 

 visit every state

 meet Disney Princesses

 ride a hoover cart

 be on a Quidditch team

 be able to do the "mashed potatoes" 

 own and drive a pick-up truck

 be able to do a back flip on the trampoline and stick it! 

 compose a song and have it recognized 

 watch the Harrison football team beat Rye during my years in Harrison 

 learn ballroom dance 

 sponsor a child, and then go visit him/her

 go on another missions trip and change people’s lives 

 learn how to cook amazing Japanese food and Haitian food 

 ice skate outdoors with people I love! 

 meet everyone in my family who is still alive at a family reunion

 DO SOMETHING CRAZY!!! (but legal)