The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Jacobson



Graduate from High School

Go to the college of my choice

Play college baseball

Get married and have a boy and a girl

Meet Derek Jeter

Play a basketball game at Madison Square Garden

Play a baseball game at Yankee Stadium

Live in the Bahamas for one year

See the Giants, Knicks, and Yankees win a Championship in the same year

Be the main character in a movie with Will Ferrell

Have a penguin as a pet

Pretend to be a hibachi chef for one night and make great food

Stay in touch with all high school friends for the rest of my life

Win a state championship in a high school sport

Visit every single country in the world

Learn to play jazz flute

Have an amusement park closed off for me and 5 other people

Be able to solve a Rubik’s cube

Stay in Harrison and raise a family

Record and publish a top 10 song

Live my life to the fullest and look back with no regrets.