The Life List of

The Life List of

Michael Griffo


1. ·       Have a physical CD collection of my favorite digital albums

·       Make a lot of money

·       Visit Australia

·       Ride the world’s tallest rollercoaster

·       Visit Colombia to see Angye

·       Visit the UK

·       Learn to play the piano

·       Make a website

·       Become comfortable with driving

·       Graduate College

·       Meet Stefani Germanotta

·       Own a professional camera and learn how to use all of its settings

·       Own a modern house with a view

·       See the statue of liberty

·       See my mom get remarried

·       See my sister be happy and successful

·       Be a vegetarian for a week or a month

·       Learn to sing well

·       Visit the Mediterranean

·       Run a mile without walking

·       Have nice abs

·       Be able to touch my toes and be flexible without it hurting

·       Visit Florida and California, and See both of their Disney worlds

·       Get paid a lot of money for a picture I made

·       Dye my hair a different color

·       Get surgery for better vision

·       Have a pet

·       Learn to whistle a song

·       Cook a big dinner

·       Celebrate a non Christian holiday

·       Have a wall filled with photos

·       Ride in a helicopter

·       Eat Italian food in Rome and visit the sites

·       Go on a tour through a tropical Rainforest

·       Stay at the Ice Hotel