The Life List of

The Life List of

Lesley Greenspan



Graduate High school

Graduate college (preferably a four year Fashion school)

Get a designing job for Herve Ledger right after college for 2 years

Design for MY OWN clothing company

Get married to Mark Caligiuri by the age of 27

Have 3 boys by the time I’m 37

Travel the world

Own a brown stone in the city

Own my own boat

Have a 40 car garage to fill with the most luxurious cars

Choreograph a music video for a famous artist

Overcome my fear of sharks

Scuba dive in Australia’s (SEAL ISLAND)

Run a marathon in record time

Go to Sierra Leone and give speeches against child soldiers’

I would love to be best friends with Kim Kardashian

Have 2 Pitbulls,4 Shitzues, 1 French Bulldog, 1 Husky, and 3 Rottweiler’s 

Own a 130 yacht

Go to the north pole and see Mr. Clause himself

Own a tasti-delight franchise

Create an exclusive wedding dress for the most incredible designer in the world

Own my own magazine

Have a separate house for all of my clothes

Have a house in Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower

Walk on hot coals

Live to see my great grandchildren

Have all of my designs in the best stores around the world

Win the lottery

Own a tanning salon

Speak every language fluently ESPECIALLY JAPANESE so I know what their saying about me every time I get my nails done

sleep an entire night without having to get up to go to the bathroom

Find all the people who bullied me throughout my life and put them in place

Create my own ice cream flavor

Rollerblade in a COSTCO

Have an island named after me

Be interviewed on tv

Ride a bobsled

Go in a submarine

Meet god

Own a fast food restaurant, that is world famous for it’s pizza and burgers.

Own my own private jet

Take a spaceship to the moon

Invent my own tanning bed without dangerous RAYS that don’t create cancer cells

Create a pill to get rid of any kind of cancer