The Life List of

The Life List of

Rhiannon Gasparre


Have my whole family together for a holiday

Meet a famous person

Go to Oklahoma City were the USA softball team plays

Walk in as many Pancreatic Cancer Research walks as possible

Go through one whole year without fighting with my sister

Get a scholarship for field hockey

Go to physical therapy for my knee

Go to a Women’s College World Series Softball game in Oklahoma City

Meet Jenny Finch (fastest softball pitcher in the world)

Become a profiler for the FBI

Be married for love and not money at the age of 25

Have at least 2-3 kids by 33 (random age, I know)

Go to Egypt and climb a pyramid

Go back to Cinque Terre in Italy

Go to a good college (really want to get into URI)

Get a 90% or above as a GPA before I graduate High School

Get another 100% average in Algebra2/Trig

Pass the Chemistry Midterm and Regents

Go to a Florida State Basketball Game (Gators)

Make a positive impact in someone’s life

Go sky diving

Be in the World Record book

Be on Saturday Night Live

Go to the Olympic Games

Go on a double decker bus in London

Climb a mountain

Go surfing in California

Learn how to scuba dive

Travel around the world in 80 days (like the movie)

Go into outer space

Dive to the Titanic

Walk the Great Wall of China

Run a marathon

Be in a triathlon

See the Northern Lights

See a solar eclipse

Attend a Speed Date

Win a lucky draw

Save someone’s life

Stand on all 7 continents

Win a contest on Z100

Visit Alaska

Write and Publish a book

Be an extra in a movie

Go on a hot air balloon