The Life List of

The Life List of

Jesse Delpriora



·       Meet a Leprechaun

·       Get into a prestigious college

·       Be Kaplan for a day

·       Be Mr. C for a day

·       Get Married

·       Have Children

·       Become a foot specialized orthopedist

·       Be on the show “Jersey Shore”

·       Eat sushi in Japan

·       Ride a Llama?

·       Get to the end of the Rainbow

·       Have a talk about how to live life with Bob Marley

·       Be the age 90

·       L with Marley

·       Go to Vibes

·       Watch an Italian National Soccer game

·       Watch a world cup match

·       Watch Australian National Soccer game

·       Go to Alice in Wonderland

·       Own a Penthouse

·       Own a BMW M6 (White with black accents).

·       Go to Jamaica

·       Go to California for a month

·       Visit Utopia

·       Leave Harrison High School

·       Go to States my senior year in soccer

·       Try to get on the Real World

·       Gamble in Las Vegas

·       Die peacefully