The Life List of

The Life List of

Kelly Curtis



·  Be a stewardess for a short period of time

·       Live in Ireland for at least 1 year

·       Travel south America

·       Go canyoneering

·       Go hiking in the grand canyon

·       Get into a college that I love

·       Study premed in college

·       Go to medical school

·       Get married

·       Be in the peace corps

·       Go to Hawaii

·       Spend a summer in Puerto Rico

·       Live on Block Island when I get old

·       Sing at a large venue

·       Start a “Madrigals” group in college

·       Go skiing in Europe

·       Be involved in college theatre

·       Study abroad somewhere exotic

·       Meet Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Jeremy Sisto

·       Spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

·       Be in an opera

·       Drive across the United States

·       Learn how to play the guitar

·       Play club tennis in college

·       Go camping

·       Buy a grand piano

·       Interior design a house

·       Go white water rafting

·       Go on the Dragon Coaster (I’ve never been!

·       Spend an entire day watching Alfred Hitchcock movies

·       Learn to speak another language fluently

·       Ice skate on a real pond

·       Explore an abandoned house

·       Be in a sorority

·       Go on an exotic honeymoon

·       Meet a holocaust survivor

·       Watch the entire Titanic movie