The Life List of

The Life List of

Rachel Crozier



I Want To …

1.    Go swimming with dolphins

2.    Own a huge business or corporation, and get a ton of money from it

3.    Be fluent in French

4.    Invent a new color

5.    Invent a new flavor of ice cream

6.    Sail around the world

7.    Go parasailing, sky diving, and bungie jumping

8.    Learn how to dive (into the water, head first)

9.    Talk to animals

10.           Ride on an elephant in India

11.           Sit on the roof of a car while it’s being driven

12.           Save someone from dying

13.           Climb all the way up a really tall tree

14.           Learn how to play the guitar

15.           Be able to fly

16.           Be a spectator at the Olympics

17.           Ride a horse on the beach

18.           Be stranded on an island for one day, and then get     

                   rescued the next morning

19.           Juggle three balls at a time

20.           Walk on my hands

I Want to Become…

21.           A Doctor or nurse

22.           A vet

23.           A cancer Researcher

24.           A leader of a reform movement

25.           An astronaut

26.           An elementary school teacher

27.           A music Teacher

28.           Famous!!

29.           A dancer

30.           A professional hairstylist

31.           A physical therapist

32.           A hotel critic

I Want To Have…

33.           A  beautiful home in the Northeast

34.           A summer house in the Outer Banks

35.           A big family and really nice husband

36.           Tons of animals, particularly Horses, Chickens and goats

37.           A Mac

I Want to Visit…

38.           Greece

39.           Hawai’i

40.           India

41.           Santa Claus in the North Pole

42.           Moscow

43.           Morocco

44.           Egypt

I Wish I Could Meet…

45.           Nathaniel Hawthorne

46.           Mother Teresa

47.           Abe Lincoln

48.           Jesus

49.           Bach

50.           Walt Disney

51.           Audrey and Katherine Hepburn