The Life List of

The Life List of

Stefano Casarella




Be in a cartoon.

-Build a house by myself.

-Go to an NFL super bowl game.

-Go on a date with Kim Kardashian.

-Be friends with Lebron James.

-Be as good as Lebron James in basketball.

-Make Handball a professional sport.

-Get a 5 on the AP Psychology Exam.

-Have a maximum of 4 kids.

-Marry the woman I love.

-Go to a good college.

-Graduate from college.

-Have fun in college.

-Meet Tiger Woods.

-Become a celebrity and go on a date with a celebrity.

-Get a Tattoo.

-Get rid of my Audi A4 and get an Audi RS4.

-Go back to Italy and eventually learn Italian.

-Own a Strip club.

-Play Call of Duty With Kaplan.

-Get and earring on my cartilage.

-Get and dog and name it after my cousin’s dog.

-Move into my basement.

-Teach a dog how to give dab to people up.

-Be a professional DJ.