The Life List of

The Life List of

Elise Baik



·       learn all the dance steps to Beyonce’s Single Ladies

·       be a panda for Halloween

·       go on the “Wheel of Fortune”

·       Grow 2 inches (vertically)

·       win a fashion design contest

·       enter all-state band

·       master at taekwondo

·       meet Tyra Banks

·       invent a musical instrument

·       be on TV (news does not count)

·       go on the food channel

·       go to a dog show

·       memorize a poem

·       do the moonwalk

·       knit a sweater

·       complete the Harry Potter series all in one sitting

·       Own a shitzhu, cocker spaniel, Maltese, Chihuahua, Jindokgae (Korean dog), sharpei (Chinese dog), Shiba Inu (Japanese dog), pug, boston terrier, and poodle.

·       Teach them (the dogs) to play dead

·       spend a day in a spa

·       visit Korea (South) and live there for 2 years

·       perform with the people in the New York Subway

·       buy an expensive, yet useless souvenir just for the heck of it

·       own a DDR machine

·       Become close friends with someone named Elise. (the worker at Costco doesn’t count)

·       learn how to play poker

·       Have a song named after me (Fur Elise does not count)

·       ride every ride at six flags in one day

·       learn how to sing opera

·       design my own clothing

·       do one good deed everyday (no matter how small)

·       learn how to manage my time wisely

·       take a picture in front of Michael Jackson’s home

·       jump in a public fountain

·       learn my mom’s “perfect” kimchi recipe

·       go to a college because I like it, not because of its name and reputation

·       learn how to clap with one hand

·       watch a Broadway show

·       inspire somebody to do something good

·       squish a bug (yes, I admit…I can not squish a bug)

·       Visit Paris, Spain, and Japan

·       Make a quilt by hand

·       Pass ap biology

·       Create a new dance move

·       Come to school one day with crazy hair (preferably senior year)

·       Learn to play the bagpipes

·       Be frugal with my money (in a good way)

·       Draw a comic book

·       Visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, France to see the Mona Lisa painting

·       Have twins (one boy one girl; boy should be older)

·       Invent a cooking utensil

·       Invent an ice cream flavor (preferably one with cherries, mints, chocolates, caramel…)

·       Stay connected with my friends after high school and college

·       Be in two places at once

·       Convert someone to Christianity

·       Learn how to juggle

·       Visit Alaska and Canada

·       Go on American Idol just for fun.

·       Meet Jackie Chan

·       Make 5,000 origami cranes (4,000 left as of 12/13/09)

·       Get a part time job (teach clarinet to elementary students)

·       Pharmacist – full time job

·       Paint a famous picture

·       Read the entire bible (both New Testament and Old Testament)

·       Memorize all major/minor scales

·       Ride a hot air balloon across the country

·       Try to get 7 hours of sleep everyday

·       Have my own garden

·       obtain my cousin’s old-school N64 system

·       Smile everyday

·       Eat dinner in the Whitehouse

·       Win the lottery

·       Go shopping in South Korea with Alyssa

·       Go to the Cheesecake Factory

·       Appear in the newspaper (for something good)

·       Be an archeologist for a day

·       master at the sewing machine

·       be a cool parent

·       meet/get to know all the Korean people in NY

·       swim with dolphins

·       Create a really cool cartoon show that both kids and adults can watch and enjoy

·       learn how to rap

·       sleep in an igloo

·       make sure my kids to play a cool musical instrument like the clarinet or guitar

·       overcome my fear of heights by bungee jumping

·       see a real life liger

·       write or illustrate a children’s book

·       ride a motorcycle (don’t fall off)

·       Meet Oprah Winfrey (who doesn’t?)

·       Find a new cure for the hiccups

·       Get 4s and 5s on all my AP courses