The Life List of

The Life List of

Amy Amornpongpist   



get an english accent

speak 5 languages

go skydiving again but this time do cool flips and not waste 30 seconds being crawled up into a little ball

take a picture with a group of asians doing the peace sign

kiss under the mistletoe

live in europe for a year

witness something historical that the world will never forget

go on a back packing trip

donate $1 million to charity (but a good one, not one of those BS ones)

be in four states at once

go through a month without ANY sort of stress

graduate a good college

be held at gunpoint (but not die, obviously)

go cow tipping

climb a mountain

meet for lunch with one of my high school friends when we’re 90

lick my elbow

touch my nose with my tongue

become famous in a foreign country

save someone’s life

invent something and put a patent on it go to the moon!!

be in a commercial

be the voiceover for a cartoon character

float in the dead sea

raise one eyebrow

do a split

say i’m gonna kick ass this quarter and actually kick ass

sail from one continent to another

give the "free hugs" guy a hug

buy a house on the beach

buy a house in the italian alps

run a marathon

bungee jump off the great wall

make one of the english guards with the tall hats laugh

throw a party in a pent house apartment in nyc

learn to cook from a professional chef

bathe in a bath of chocolate

jump into a public water fountain naked

have lunch with Oprah

hold enough balloons at once to float away

get into a fist fight

help an old lady cross the street

make a girl go lesbian for me (kinda weird)

have a family i love and not get divorced

attend my 50th wedding anniversary

eat so much in one hour that i throw up

get pied in the face

do a pie eating contest

slap a guy across the face

live my whole life without getting stung by a bee

go a whole week without lying

go a whole week only saying positive things back to people

go back in time and meet ghandi

go back in time and meet my mom’s parents

drive a hovercraft

wear an assortment of wigs for a year

be stranded on an island for a month

ride a camel through a whole desert

take care of my mom when she grows old

be able to look back at my life and smile