The Life List of

The Life List of

Lisa Abinakad



·       Stay in shape for the rest of my life


·       Get a record deal by the time I’m 20


·       Be on the Real World


·       Learn to play the guitar


·       Skydive


·       Open a clothing boutique


·       Break a 2000 on my SATs


·       Study abroad for a semester in Lebanon


·       Walk down a red carpet


·       Sing the national anthem for a Giants game


·       Be the dead corpse for CSI: Miami


·       Star in a movie


·       Live by the water


·       Always eat at least one pickle a day


·       Open a restauraunt with my sister


·       Visit a hospital and spend my Christmas with young cancer patients


·       Be comfortable in my skin


·       Attain an internship over the summer with Burke Communications


·       Eventually become an event planner as my career


·       Donate my hair to Locks of Love


·       Go to Africa


·       Sponser a child somewhere in the world


·       Have my dad walk me down the aisle


·       Name my first daughter Stella


·       Make my parents proud


·       Make a difference


·       Fall in love


·       Have no limits