The Life List of

The Life List of

Richard Zarro


–         Graduate High School without getting into more trouble

–         Go to a respectable college

–         Graduate College

–         Go to Amsterdam – live there for a year

–         Live in China/Japan for a year

–         Get a good Job

–         Own a house in NY, LA, and Big Sky Montana

–         Be a coach for the Jets

–         Be with 2 girls who don’t speak English in Europe – – at the same time.

–         Be with 2 girls who don’t speak English in Asia – – at the same time.

–         See the Jets win a superbowl in my lifetime.

–         See the Knicks win a championship in my lifetime.

–         See people actually care about hockey.

–         Visit all the continents.

–         Become a public leader and then blame Canada.

–         Touch Chad Pennington’s hair.

–         Have lunch with Kimo Von Olehoffen.

–         Sit on the same couch as Dewayne Robertson.

–         Talk to Peter King about things that have nothing to do with sports.

–         Beat Zach Rieger in fantasy football

–         Get married

–         Have a kid

–         Be a macher (jewish word for good man)

–         Have Roger Clemens admit to doing steroids.

–         Become a body builder.

–         Be in a movie with Chris Tucker

–         Be in the same room with Ziggy Marley

–         Get a 100 on this life list