The Life List of

The Life List of

Pamela Yu


²         Get a 2000 on the SAT’s.

²         Get a 4 on at least one AP exam.

²         Be senior year class president.

²         Raise money for senior prom by November 2007.

²         Make honor roll all four quarters.

²         Become a better reader.

²         Become a faster typist without looking at the keyboard.

²         Learn how to play an instrument.

²         Learn how to read music.

²         Travel through Europe.

²         Visit all 50 states.

²         Visit the four corner states.

²         Go to Australia.

²         Visit all seven continents.

²         Visit Mount Rushmore.

²         Live in California.

²         Own multiple homes all over the world.

²         Be able to beat the fifty state game.

²         Walk on the Great Wall of China.

²         Visit the Eiffel Tower.

²         Float in the Dead Sea.

²         Be in the audience at a runway fashion show.

²         See a shooting star.

²         Be able to locate the North Star.

²         Go to outer space.

²         Stop global warming.

²         Get married in my twenties and to have all my kids by 32.

²         Design a house.

²         Own a house with solar panels.

²         Make a substantial amount of money so that I can live a life of luxury.

²         Go kayaking.

²         Become a better swimmer.

²         Swim with the dolphins.

²         Go on a cruise.

²         Go windsurfing.

²         Go parasailing.

²         Make a substantial contribution to bettering the world.

²         Be on TV.

²         Create a cookbook.

²         Try all of the cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory.

²         To see Celine Dion in Vegas.

²         Enhance my music collection.

²         Become a better artist.

²         Learn how to not stress over little things.

²         See a Spice Girls reunion concert.

²         To be able to eat fruits without having an allergic reaction.

²         Go hang gliding.

²         To be able to go rock climbing on a monthly basis.

²         Learn how to match clothes.

²         Run a mile under 7 minutes.

²         Learn how to pole volt or how to do the hurdles.

²         Play another sport.